Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Important Note: We do not own Thop tv and are not developers of Thop Tv, so use this application at your risk because we are just a publisher of Thop TV. Suppose you download any other version on your devices. In that case, we are not responsible for your loss because, in the market, it’s an unlimited alternative and the same name, but the performance has changed. We already told you and informed you that the main issue is all Thop Tv users. If you have any privacy policy objects, don’t download them because this privacy policy plays a critical role in our journalist and company analysis.

Privacy Policy for Thop TV

Part of our activities reflect Thop Tv practices, and this information is written accurately as you read it because we are required to collect it from users, which is protected by law. We protect your private data. Yes, we neither sell it to any third party nor send it in any way. We actually must receive it. Not only do we take a private policy for our users, but you will not find any website in the internet world that does not do this privacy policy collection to the customers. We analyze it, giving us an idea of new traffic and how many activities we need in our work. More changes also tell which country user details and which percentage of struggle is successful, not another purpose to collect to our trustworthy customers. I hope no this work-related objection is an essential part of online analysis. So it’s important to order it from our company. So that they do not get hurt, we tell them first our users. 

Log Files

I hope the users of Thop tv know about log files and their procedure. Suppose you have not seen the log field purpose. In that case, we tell us in-depth it is ideal and collection for all customer reasons, it is primarily used in standard analysis procedures, so we collect internet protocols and services locations with internet service providers, which website through referring this user and trending purpose uses these all assembled in the name of log files. Even our company asking for personal information for analyzing the demographics of how we need these log girls is necessary. 

User Information We Collect

Customer information collection is part of our activity and privacy policy. When users come on our site, accept our all privacy policy, and agree, or when using our application on their devices, immediately collect user names, devices, IP addresses, and service providers. Even emails are a part of information collection. But we are not sharing these collected data with third parties, so don’t hesitate to use this customer information in the analysis process. 

Children Information

First, when a fourteen-year-old child creates an account on the Thop tv application, our company does not collect personal information because we prioritize all user objects. If any parent observes we collect identifiable personal information, some part collection in just one message of parent we receive in a few seconds our company removed your information in analysis and collection registers. Even though we appreciate these parents, they encourage observing children’s online activities and providing full support. 

Online Privacy Policy 

This privacy policy plays a significant role in our online applications because we utilize which visitors are coming to our sites and which are downloading our application. Even we checked which user shares our applications and website links with friends because they already get benefits. Still, they want the community to get help from this site and not pay for any premium tools. 


We get all users by using our application and website to agree because that is part of the privacy policy, so we immediately get consent to all our then following steps are an option that reason we explain the consent privacy policy. Some people object to the company’s activity rather than our mission to lose or another purpose, just the same method we used on other websites. 

Contact us

Contact us if anyone has our privacy policy-related questions because we collect all users. Some people who visit our site may have objections to any problem; solve your objection and problems because users satisfy our responsibility, so we help in starting to finish.